Erotic massage in Malta

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Niki Revilla Trans
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Not all the physical pleasures in life are about sex. Erotic massage has a long and exotic history of pleasing both the giver and receiver. The joy of relaxation and stimulation in a non-intercourse situation can be just as intense as the act itself, but entirely novel. You could enjoy sensual erotic massage in Malta with one of our local escorts.
Treating your entire body to massage based stimulation is a sensual and fulfilling way to spend your time. While some men remain skeptical of such service, it is only because they have yet to try them out. However unique it may be, bringing the body enjoyment and luxurious satisfaction through touch is a singular experience, and one well worth having.

Sensory Stimulus

All the senses can be brought together in this distinctive and gratifying experience. When you choose sensual massage you are receiving an entire event, not a one-dimensional occurrence. Curated and intense, erotic massage is a whole world unto itself.


Unlike intercourse, or a typical massage such as you might get at a resort, erotic massage does not occur in a bed or on a massage table. Specifically prepared and customized environments are used to cater to clients needs and the best applications of each massage type.

Sometimes unique materials are used to elevate the experience. Foams and gels, may be part of the experience and provide exclusive sensations that you cannot find elsewhere. Any masseuse can rub your back and use lotion, but erotic massage is so much more, it is a whole other level of contact.


Aromatherapy is accepted the world over as a beautiful and immersive part of many experiences. Whether you prefer to select your own custom scents or allow your sensual massage artist prepare an exotically tailored environment for your needs, the way things smell can change the entire experience. Citrus revitalizes, lavenderrelaxes, and muskier scent combinations like sandalwood help heighten your delight and gratification.


Glaring overhead lights can feel clinical and uncomfortable. Darkness, while mysterious can interfere with coordination. Your masseuse will use elegant warm candlelight to bring your experience into the right focus.

Discover New Worlds

The environment is only the first part of the adventure. You will find new and exciting points of stimulation under the capable touch of an expert. New erogenous zones and gratification await the savvy client who seeks escorts with erotic massage in Malta. Leave the worries of the world behind for a while and let yourself go into a sea of beguiling sense based stimulus. You will find that you feel both pleasure and tranquility during an erotic massage.

Available Services

Many varieties of exotic and erotic massage exist to titillate and tempt your body. Most spas have the ability to stimulate the body beyond normal massage, but special services are the goal of the escorts with erotic massage. Booking in advance with these girls allows the client to select the services without the guesswork. The rare and exceptional services that captivate sensual massage seekers and entrance them to return and revel in the special services time and again are worth inquiring about.

Agua Gel Nuru

Aqua Gel Nuru is a form of massage that is typically practiced in a shower stall. The unique and silken sensation of being massaged using gel covered breasts and buttocks is truly an art form unto itself. This produces a sensory experience that is beyond compare, sexually charged and yet smoothly relaxing.

Aqua Foam

Aqua Foam Massage is done inside a tub. The use of foam creates a soft airy cloud around you as your masseuse uses her entire body as the instrument of your relaxation. Oils are used for additional stimulation and the entire body is treated to a full contact stimulating experience.


Reiki practitioners are experts at helping move chi. With practiced ease, beautiful professional masseuses stimulate the chakras and remove any energy barriers that are holding you back from fully enjoying your experience. Energetic healing combined with exotic massage to culminate in thorough gratification without any blockages in your energetic flow.


Erotic Thai massage may be the best for a new client who is not yet ready to venture into the most exotic forms of erotic massage right away. Pleasurable and knowledgeable, your masseuse will bring her skilled hands to the table in order to give you a complete head to toe stimulation. Special attention is paid to the most sensitive areas of the body and erogenous zones of the individual.


Sakura massage uses the mouth, teeth, and lips to create a tender yet completely unique experience that is unlike anything you have ever tried.