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How to write a good escort review?

A review is a powerful response that can potentially make or break a business. Therefore, an escort review should truthfully and accurately detail the experience a client had with the escort under review. Failing to leave an honest review can potentially hurt her business and provide other clients with false information. Always be real with the way you leave a written review and think about what you want to say before you write it. No matter how the date turned out with the escort, be mindful of your language – avoid heavy use of profanities and slang. We have put together an important guide on how you can leave a credible and thorough review of your time spent with an escort in Malta; let’s take a look at the following tips.

The main thing to keep in mind is the quality of your review. Maybe you consider single words like good or bad to be sufficient enough for a review. However, this is not considered to be enough. You must ask yourself that if you were someone looking for a companion and saw reviews that said good or bad, would this be enough information to encourage you to book a session with the escort girl? Probably not, and we would encourage you not to.

It is also important to consider what you are going to mention in the review. We advise specific details to be included in the review. For example, if the escort showed up late or came off as brash or rude, these would be imperative components to include in the review. Letting other clients know these things about an escort will help them make an informed decision on whether or not they will book a session with them. When in doubt about your feedback, remember that clients find value in truthful words rather than a star or point rating.

The legality that comes with leaving a review is important. In fact, you must ensure you avoid several things to stay clear of legal action taken against you. Do not use threats or false accusations against any sex worker for whatever reason. If an escort truly hurt or offended you, it is advised that you take this matter up with a representative of the agency. Leaving a mean review that speaks false words against the call girl can truly hurt their business. Therefore, be careful about what you post. If you are angry or upset about a service you received from some of these Malta escorts, take a deep breath and think about your words before you type them. The purpose of the review is to relay helpful and accurate information – protect yourself and the escort under evaluation.

Things you will want to include in your review are how the prostitute compared to her written biography and how well she matched the photos she posted of herself in the profile. Did the escort girl say she has a bubbly personality or is very outgoing, but actually came off as serious or an extreme introvert? If so, this is critical to mention because she falsely advertised her personality. Additionally, potential clients want to know if the escort they are meeting is up for adventure or easy to get along with. Be specific in how she interacted with you. For example, if she was not very talkative or open when you asked her questions, include in your review the exact details of the encounter.

Provide details of her punctuality.

Did she show up on time or was she late? Did you feel as if your time was valued or not? An escort is paid for the time spent with you, so if she is late other clients will want to know. On a side note, we suggest not writing an escort was late unless it was over five minutes. A review should also mention if the prostitute cut the time together short. If you pay an call girl for 1 hour, you should receive 1 hour of service and none less. If your companion seemed disengaged or looking for ways to speed up the time together, be sure to mention this in your evaluation. Future clients will want to know if they are booking a service with an escort that tries to cheat them out of their scheduled time.

Rates are another essential component to review.

If the girl attempts to demand more money for something you have already paid for or agreed on prior to meeting, this is definitely something other clients will want to know. While it may have been a frustrating moment for you, you can save other clients the hassle by knowing this about a particular call girl prior to booking with her. Be specific in detail and state what the service was you asked for and how she handled the rate of pay. An escort that tries to change the payment last minute is not running an honest business and should be called out on for this.

Another important consideration to make is being leery of escorts who attempt to bribe you for positive reviews. A client is under no obligation to leave a positive review for a comapnion who offered mediocre or horrible services. Moreover, a client does not even have to leave a great review if the escort was amazing – this is all dependent on the client. While it is always encouraged that the individual who received sex services leave a detailed review, some individuals simply do not like to or forget to. While this is a frustrating situation for an escort, who depends on reviews to get the word out about their services, never let a sex worker bribe or intimidate you to leave a positive review.

Those Maltese escorts who go out of their way to show you an amazing time deserve a praise. If your companion treats you to something special that was not in the prior arrangement, let others know. Not all escorts go out of their way for clients, but if your beautiful girl brings exciting sex toys to play with, gives you a bottle of wine to take with you, or even treats you to a meal at a restaurant, do share this! And, we think she will be happy you did this because it may just spike her booking rate. If you are reviewing an in-call hooker, let others know about the appearance and feel of her place. Was it warm and inviting? Or did it feel cold and uneasy? Was her place located in a dangerous area of Malta? Be sure to be descriptive in how the escort’s home or place of meeting felt because this could be a deal breaker for many potential clients, if the home was no as expected. On the contrary, do let others know is she created a comfortable and sexy space for the two of you. Meeting an escort at her place can be a nervous situation for some men, but if her place was welcoming and romantic then this could ease the worries.

While most of the Amsterdam escorts practice safe sex, including a review about your escort’s precautions prior to intercourse is helpful. You may want to comment on if she used protection, what kind of protection she preferred, demanded showering or cleanliness of clients, and if she made you feel safe and comfortable. Also make note if she was hesitant to share information regarding her sexual health or if she did not have a preference for using protection – this may be alarming for certain clients. Additionally, escorts who refuse to discuss their sexual history or if they use drugs or alcohol are business women you want to stay clear of. Disclosing this kind of health history to clients will bring them peace of mind and allow them to make proper judgement before engaging in sexual intercourse.

As you write your review of an escort, weigh out the positive and negative of the time spent together. Be honest, would you recommend her to another person? Would you yourself book her services again? If you are the slightest bit hesitant, disclose this feeling with readers. We do not recommend simply stating “I do not recommend this girl”. The reason being, individuals looking for an escort want specific reasons why you would or would not recommend the particular companion. Perhaps a reason why you would not recommend an escort is not a big deal to someone else. For example, if the call girl turned out to be overly shy or hard to talk to, this may not be a deal breaker for another potential client. Being able to weigh out the reasons is very important, so always provide thorough reasons to back up your statements.

Leaving a valuable review is not only beneficial for the escort (if positive), but it is extremely helpful for clients looking to book a service. Being descriptive, accurate, respectful and honest with your words is encouraged and will ensure you are not spreading any fallacies to those who read your review.