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STD and escort services in Malta

The life of an escort can be a rewarding and satisfying one. After all, working in the sex industry means you are meeting new clients every day. While there are concerns that come with each job, concerns of an escort are quite unique. Besides hoping to connect with your clients or ensure each client is satisfied at the end of every meeting, the majority of escorts in Malta are concerned about STD’s. Depending on the type of infection you contract, STD’s can range from severe to mild. Escorts are at risk of contracting sexually transmitted disease during every session they have with a client. However, there are things you can do to decrease your risk of developing herpes, gonorrhea, or even chlamydia.

Maltese escort girls meet with many attractive and sexy men. It can be hard to not throw your rules away at the door, especially in the heat of the moment. We recommend all escorts to use protection at all times, no matter how excited and passionate the moment becomes. It only takes one act of intercourse to contract an STD. Ensuring your clients wear a condom at all times during oral and vaginal sex is important, as well as being cautious on who you kiss. Deep French kissing is a common service of a lot of escorts, but being cautious of who you perform this with is important. Local Sliema escorts are typically eager to provide the girlfriend experience (GFE), which offers services like oral and vaginal sex without condoms and passionate love making. While this is a premium service to offer, escorts need to be careful as it is leaving them vulnerable to developing an STD. If you want to offer the GFE, we suggest getting to know your clients well prior to. Some other ways we encourage escorts to protect themselves from STD’s are:

  1. Shower or bath before and after sex. This is something escorts should encourage or ask clients to do, as well. Bacteria can harbour on the skin of the penis or vagina, so showering or bathing can wash away any unwanted germs and keep skin fresh and clean.
  2. Always request clients wear latex condoms. This is the only effective way to prevent contagion during sex.
  3. Check your estrogen levels. This may be something you never thought to do, but research suggests that women who are low in estrogen have a higher risk of developing an HIV infection. A quick trip to your doctor can give you results.
  4. Urinate immediately after sex. While this is not something that will 100% determine whether or not you contract and STD, it is a great way to prevent bladder infections or rid your vagina of grime from sex.
  5. Get regularly tested for STD’s and HIV. As an escort, you must be aware that these infections and diseases are real. Never think that you won’t contract something because it can happen to anyone. Regular testing can give you peace of mind and also let you know if you have developed something before it gets worse.
  6. If you offer lesbian sex then it is important to always wash toys, keep your vaginal area shaved and clean, and even consider a dental dam. Dental dams are held over the genitals during sex to stop any direct contact from occurring. This is extremely helpful for preventing STD spread between two women.
  7. Ask your clients if they have been tested for sexually transmitted disease. While not every client will say yes, it may give you peace of mind knowing which clients have been. However, this should not be an excuse to give oral sex without a condom or allow for vaginal penetration without a condom.

Clients should never expect an escort to engage in sexual intercourse without protection. While it is ultimately up to the call girl on whether or not she feels comfortable offering such services, it is encouraged that escorts use protection to keep both parties safe. STD’s are always in the back of escorts and clients’ minds, whether they admit it or not. As a sex worker providing escort services in Malta, you need to remember value your health. Luckily, there are many practical ways to prevent STD’s and other infections from becoming a reality.