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Roleplay with Maltese escorts

Everyone has a fetish of some sort, such as playing a submissive student to a sexy teacher. Whatever your sexual fetish may be, it is not always experienced with your partner in the bedroom. Luckily, our escorts are available to cater to your desires and requests, no matter how wild they may sound. Role playing is a very popular service that can result in a passionate and fun night with your escort of choice. Taking part in a role-playing experience allows the participants to pretend they are someone else and let loose. We have put together a guide of all you need to know about role playing with Maltese escort girls and some of the many role-playing experiences you might want to request.

Professor and Student

Have you ever been attracted to a professor or teacher? Just watching them instruct in front of the classroom made you hot and bothered, or simply asking them a question caused you to blush. Whatever your memory is of a sexy professor, you can relive those days with a call girl. She may wear oversized glasses, have her long, luscious locks tied up, and wear a button up blouse with a tight skirt. Express your fantasy with the escort girl and be sure to tell her all the details. We know that escorts want to please their clients, so we think she will be excited to play out a fantasy of yours. If there are any props you want her to then make sure to let her know or supply them yourself. Maybe you want her to sit on a desk with her tight skirt slightly revealing her panties, or her blouse unbuttoned just enough for you to have a hard time not getting hard instantly. You’ll also have to decide on a reason for the professor seducing you or vice versa – is it for better grades? A companion?

Sassy Stripper

Yes, you can walk into any strip club and enjoy an erotic dance delivered by a sexy stripper. But, with a prostitute you can experience the same dance and get a little extra on the side. Imagine your escort stripping out of lacy lingerie and heels while dancing to some of your favorite songs? Stripping is an intimate and sexy service that most escorts will be eager to perform for you. You may want to ask them if you can buy them a certain piece of lingerie to wear or if they have something special for you. If you buy them lingerie this is an easy way to put yourself in their good books.

Dirty Doctor or Naughty Nurse

roleplay with Maltese escort nurse

Medical fetishes are a common request in escort services. Being submissive and experiencing pain through injections or experience a medical check-up if a popular sexual desire. Roleplaying a doctor/nurse and patient scenario may be an experience you want to have with an escort from Malta. Perhaps it is the sexy nurse uniform or the dominance of a doctor that gets you aroused. Whatever it may be, imagine having one of our gorgeous girls take off your clothes and give you a physical examination while wearing rubber gloves? Or, a doctor ordering you to lay on the examination table naked? If you are feeling hard now, we suggest you contact an escort asap.

Seductive Secretary

We aren’t sure why the position of a secretary gets many men excited. Perhaps it is the submissive role of a secretary that sparks imagination. Maybe you like your secretary in tight dress pants and a sexy blouse, or a form-fitting dress that hugs her body in all the right places. If she’s wearing glasses, you like it when she lets them slip down her nose. Have you always wanted a secretary of your own that you could take advantage of on an empty desk? The directory features stunning escorts who are willing to play the role of a secretary and live out your most wild desires.

Powerful Policewoman

roleplay with Maltese escort policewoman

Do you get excited around the idea of being arrested by a sexy policewoman? Maybe it is the outfit or the use of handcuffs that leaves you weak in the knees. A typical policewoman wears a uniform pant suit, but your companion certainly does not have to. You may want her to wear a police dress with a hat, badge, and all the accessories like handcuffs and a baton. Maybe you want her to arrest you or take you in for some serious questioning. Whatever your heart desires, your escort will be able to role-play this seductive scenario with you with lots of passion and power to make you aroused instantly.


A woman in charge is a force to be reckoned with. Are you a man who loves a woman to dominate you? Many escorts love to take charge and treat you to a submissively good time. Whether you want to be treated like a servant, dog, or baby, prostitutes are ready to play out any specific fantasy you have. The directory features an extensive list of dominatrix escorts who specialize in this kind of service. Be sure to find an escort comfortable with your request. We think you will have the time of your life meeting up with one of our talented dominatrix escorts.

Stranger Love

While you will consider each other strangers, roleplaying this scenario is a fantasy of a lot of men. You can meet up with your escort and spend a little time getting to know one another, and then split up in a bar or club. You will spend some time mingling with others before locking eyes and going up to one another. Alternatively, you may want to only see each other’s picture before meeting and try to find one another in a bar. The excitement of meeting for the first time is what drives a lot of people sexually wild. After sharing a drink or intimate conversation, you leave together and hook up in a hotel or specified area. The passionate sex you will have with this “stranger” is incredible and unique.

Happy Ending Masseuse

A sensual massage can be erotic. What better way to experience a relaxing massage than by having a gorgeous Malta escort rub you down from head to toe? She will use an assortment of oils and lotions to lather and tingle your skin with. You may even want her to use whipped cream and have her lick it off. A massage can be a very intimate moment between two people, and we guarantee you will love this service. So, what are you waiting for?

Flirty Flight Attendant and Passenger

roleplay with Maltese escort Flight Attendant

Have you always wanted to be a member of the mile high club? Well, now is your chance to pretend with a sexy escort. You might want to pretend that you are a passenger flying and she is serving you in a dainty little costume; you can drool over her as she bends over to get ice for your drink. Flight attendants are a fantasy of a lot of men, especially in their cute outfits and job to serve, so why not role play with one? We think you will have a flighty good time.

What to Expect

Like with any service, you should communicate well with your companion prior to meeting. Always express your desires well so that you are not disappointed once you meet up. Not every call girl will be comfortable with all kinds of role play, so it is important to fully disclose everything you are hoping to experience during your session together. For dominatrix services, you must look under the bdsm lists, as this is a specialized roleplay service. We encourage all clients to go with an open mind and enjoy the role play experience with their escort girl. Almost all Malta escorts love the opportunity to dress up and pretend to be someone who gets you aroused. 

Why Explore Role Playing?

Roleplaying is a fun experience for everyone. Whether you are an experienced player or a newbie, we know that once you get a taste of it, you will be a role player for life. To be able to switch character for the night or even just 30 minutes is exhilarating and sexually empowering. The right escort will make your time together special and memorable no matter what scene you are playing out. Even if you do not believe role playing is for you, we encourage you to branch out of your comfort zone and give it a try. There has to be a fantasy you are dying to try out, so why not try it with a drop-dead gorgeous escort in Malta? If you don’t have a fantasy in mind, try one of our suggestion above and be prepared to be on your way to experience wild, blissful intercourse. Browse our directory and search through the plethora of profiles of escorts specializing or open to role playing.