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How Malta escorts can blacklist a client

Prostitutes enjoy making money while getting to know you and provide you with sexual services. Therefore, when an escort blacklists a client, it is because the client did something inappropriate or disrespectful. An escort could be turned off by one thing a person did and ban its phone number instantly, or she could allow a few disrespectful encounters accumulate before blocking the client. If you have been blacklisted by any escort in Malta and feel left in the dark, or want to ensure that you do not get blacklisted, then keep on reading. 

Blacklisted by Malta escorts

Not being punctual.

Life gets crazy at times and it can cause you to be late. But, if you are consistently late or take your time getting to the meeting location, this will not make the escort happy. It is not only disrespectful, but a huge time waster. The escort’s time is valuable, as she could have spent the time you are wasting with another client. If you are running late because of a serious reason, do let your escort know but sending her a quick message. Booking a companion means she expects you to show up. If you decide to bail last minute, don’t expect her to allow you to book future dates with her. When you fail to show you are essentially saying that you don’t care about her and her time. If you can’t make it then be straight-up with her. In the end, she might blacklist you but at least you tried to apologize for it.

Not respecting the rules and guidelines.

There is always a prostitute out there willing to do all the things you crave. However, don’t except this from every escort girl in Malta. Here at SEXOMALTA, call girls clearly lay out their services for you to view. If you are wanting a service they do not offer, simply move on to find it with a different girl. Asking an escort do perform or engage in a service that is out of her comfort level is sure to cause her to become mad or upset which will lead her to block you. So, appreciate the services she offers and look for another hooker to do the other services you are interested in.

Not having good hygiene.

Do you really think any escort is willing to get to intimate with you if you have bad breath, smelly armpits, and dirty hair? You definitely wouldn’t want your escort showing up like that, so neither should you! One of the easiest ways to get blacklisted is to show up with poor hygiene, and your escort will instantly be able to tell; she may even refuse to continue the date if your hygiene is that bad. We recommend you to shower, shave, put on deodorant, cologne, and brush, floss, and mouthwash those teeth. Being extra clean is never a bad thing. Plus, an escort will appreciate a seductive smelling cologne.

Being rude.

Be careful what you say and how you say it. An escort will not tolerate a man who is disrespectful and callous. If you think something you are about to say is offensive or will upset her, do not say it. A quick way for an escort to toss you to the curb is for her to think you are being rude. You are on a date with a gorgeous woman, what do you possibly have to complain about?

Arguing about the payment or refusing to pay.

Remember, you are getting a service from a business owner. The prostitutes are doing a job that they expect to receive the agreed upon payment for. If you attempt to argue about the payment or refuse to pay, your companion may very well blacklist you. She is not able to take this risk with you again, so adios amigos! Always agree upon the payment prior to meeting and come with the exact amount of cash. Additionally, you should double check the amount you have as much as possible before leaving your house. Some escorts may count it in front of you and some may just take it – do not be offended if she carefully counts in front of you. Don’t expect the escort to carry change with her either. If you are unhappy with anything and refuse to pay, she may instantly blacklist you. The escort girls need their payment and don’t have time, like any other business owner, to not be paid – they have bills too. If you feel like the services you received were not what you were expecting, simply leave an honest review and move on.

Being odd.

Sometimes when guys go to meet a hooker, especially for the first time, they can become very nervous. While this is normal, it is important to try your best to act natural and calm. If you come off as overly nervous, this could lead to the escort being creeped out by you, which is a quick way to become blacklisted. You want to make sure that you greet her with good posture, make natural and frequent eye-contact, smile lots, and attempt to make friendly conversation. When you first meet your escort, go in for a hug or hand-shake (usually the escort will make clear what she likes to do), and act natural. As soon as you let your nerves get to you, it can easily be detected. Escorts appreciate guys who are effortless to get to know and get close to.

Coming intoxicated or high on drugs.

An escort will instantly blacklist a client who comes under the influence. For starters, this can be hazardous to the escort. If the client is an angry drunk, the woman could be in serious danger. A drunk or high client is extremely rude in the eyes of a call girl, and it is hinting that you are not considerate of her time. Plus, some guys may struggle in their bedroom performance when under the influence, and we can guarantee the escort will not be happy about this.

Trying to get rid of the condom.

This is by far the most important thing to take note of. Do not try to throw the condom idea out the window for any reason. The condom is there to keep both parties clean and safe. The escort girl does not personally know your history, and therefore cannot take any chances. Likewise, you do not know the kinds of people she has been with and need to take appropriate measures to protect your health. If you refuse to put on a condom, the escort will refuse you services. Not spending time chatting or getting to know one another.

If you come in just for sex and no conversation, the escort may decide to blacklist you.

While sex is a very important part of the time you spend together, it is also a great time to get to know one another. This is especially important if you are wanting to see each other again. It does not have to be a lengthy conversation, but after or before sex, take the time to sit together and talk about yourselves. By doing so, the prostitute can see who you are and some of your amazing personality.

Assuming she knows what you are thinking and feeling.

Maltese escorts are not mind-readers, so don’t assume she knows exactly what you are think or feeling at any given moment. If you are unhappy about something or disappointed, do let the escort know in a respectful and appropriate way. Often times, it is easier to leave and write a review later. However, if you agreed upon a service that she seemed to not be interested in when meeting, let her know that you are expecting it. The prostitute has many clients and different expectations coming from all of them, so she may need you to remind her.

If you become upset with her because you feel she does not know what you are wanting, then she may block you for the inconvenience you are causing her. Bombarding her with inquiries afterwards. So, you had an amazing time with your escort and can’t wait to see her again. You try calling her and leaving multiple messages but do not hear back. Do not fret because Malta escorts are very busy business women. Always consider the time of year too, as Christmas and New Years are their peak times. No escort wants to see 20 messages and 10 missed phone calls from a client – this will only make her think you are obsessive. Leave her at the most two messages and be patient. She may even give you some extra time or service if she sees how great you are with respecting her time.

These are just some of the reasons why an escort from Malta can blacklist you. It is important to keep these things in mind the next time you are planning to meet up with your gorgeous girl. It is easy to get blacklisted but not hard to simply be a gentlemen to avoid it in the first place.