Entering the sex trade business can be an exciting adventure that is often accompanied by feelings of nervousness or uncertainty. It is important as a new escort to view the business adventure like you would any other kind of new job. After all, starting an escort business involves similar necessary strategies as starting any new business would require. In the midst of all the what ifs that a new business brings, it is important to stay focused on the positive, such as the lucrative pay an escort can make, or the lavish lifestyles they can live. If you have ever considered jumping into the sex trade as one of these escorts in Malta, this guide is all you will need to get started on the right path.

Find the Right Escort Agency

Some escorts make the mistake of rushing in to the job. While it may be exciting, it is important to go at things slowly. The absolute first thing escorts should do is find an agency. A lot of escorts try to start out on their own, but an agency provides security and typically screens clients. There are plenty of agencies around, so carefully looking over each one to ensure they align with your personal beliefs and business values is necessary. The right escort agency will make you feel comfortable and supported; they will also provide you with key tips and helpful information in regards to how to book clients.

Book a Photoshoot

No matter how great of photos the latest is capable of taking, nothing beat professional photographs. If money is a concern, there are many newbie photographers who are willing to photograph in order to build their portfolio. It is helpful to pose in numerous ways and provide some element of surprise for the customer looking at them. For example, posing with lingerie on that reveals everything but your nipples will leave something to the imagination, something the client will be excited about and more than likely book you. High quality, assorted photos of yourself will surely get clients excited to meet you. Ditch the selfies and mirror pictures for this.

When you post photographs on your profile, you will have to decide whether you want your face shown or only the body. Some Maltese escorts prefer body only, so as to protect their privacy. It is entirely up to the escort and their comfortability with having their face plastered on an escort website. Escorts are encouraged to never use fake photos on their profile. Doing so can result in bad reviews and ultimately a loss in business. Clients want to meet up with the escort in the photo.

Invest in Lingerie

Sexy lingerie will go a long way as an escort. Whether you are taking photos in it for your profile or wearing it during a session with a client, good quality lingerie will show off all your sexy parts. As an escort, you will more than likely build a fast collection, as many clients purchase lingerie for escorts to wear.

Decide Pricing

How much are you wanting to make? Remember, new escorts in Malta generally do not charge as much as seasoned or high-end prostitutes. The reason is it all comes down to experience level. Most escorts want to gain experience and feel bad charging a high rate if they know they are still learning. Speaking with one’s agency is helpful in deciding an appropriate price, as well as taking a look at other escorts prices. Whatever you decide to charge clients per session, stay true to your price and never settle for less. If you let a client low ball you despite confirming the price with him or her, you are allowing them to take advantage of you. Remember, you are a business woman and deserve full pay.

Where You Will Meet Clients

There are many escort girls in Malta who prefer to meet clients in hotels, at the client’s place, or at their own home. As a escort, you will need to decide where your main place of meeting will be. It might be different for each client, or it might be the same if you decide it is always at your own place. Some escorts prefer to meet clients at random locations, so as to avoid the client finding out where they live. When meeting a client for the first time, it is suggested to do so in a busy and open environment in case you feel off about the individual or unsafe for whatever reason.

Decide on Your Escort Services

Before offering escort services to clients, you must first decide what those services will be. Do not feel pressured to offer a service you are uncomfortable with just because most men enjoy it. For example, if anal sex or rim jobs are not your thing, do not offer them. Even though you are offering sexual services for money, it does not mean you have to not enjoy yourself. After all, escorts get into the business mainly because they love sex! Don’t put pressure on yourself as a newbie to offer sexual services out of your comfort zone. Malta escorts should be clear on their services and pricing. Any clients who test the waters and attempt to barter prices should be black listed. Stand firm as an escort; even though you are new, you have expectations that deserve to be followed.

Choose a Fake Name or Keep Your Real One

Using a fake name is normal and often preferred over using one’s real name. A fake name helps protect the identity of an escort. For example, it is harder for clients to look your name up online and find information about you, such as your address or family members. If you decide to use a fake name, stick with using it. Having numerous fake names can confuse clients if they find out, and can make an escort appear distrustful.

Select a Method of Contact for Clients

Communicating with clients is important, especially right before a session. Life happens and you need to be able to reach one another, whether it be through email or phone call. Escorts working in Malta must decide whether they want to communicate with clients through a business email or phone number. Emails are simple to set up and cost no money, but phone numbers require a new phone. It is advised to use a work phone that you can turn off on your days off instead of using a personal phone. During days off, it is important to unwind and turn off contact with clients. It is not rude to do this and you can let them know you do not answer your work phone on the weekend. The same thing goes for email, turn off email notifications on your days off.

How to Build a Clientele

Be honest with clients if they ask how much experience you have. Typically, clients would rather have the truth than be lied to. If you are connected to an escort agency, they usually feature new girls who are cheaper in price but excited to meet new clients. This kind of promotion is helpful for new escorts who are slowly becoming comfortable. Don’t be ashamed to be a new one, as it is an exciting time and clients are eager to meet the new girls.

Consider Where You Want Your Business to Go

Escorts all start out as newbies, but they must move from the spot eventually. There are different paths you can take as an escort, one of them being a high-end prostitute. High-end escorts in Malta charge anywhere from hundreds to thousands of euros for a session. Men who pay for these escorts are usually rich or have money to blow. Additionally, the clients treat call girls to lavish gifts like handbags, make-up, designer shoes, clothes, trips, dinners, and expensive cuisines. These high-end escorts look expensive and enjoy the finer things in life. Other ways to move your sex business is by being an escort who is a tour guide or attends functions as a date with clients. These women still get paid big bucks and are treated to fun evenings out.

Don’t Let Yourself Become Attached

Starting out as an escort can bring about many different emotions. It may be hard for some girls to not become emotionally attached to their clients, and even vice versa. It is important to stand your ground as an escort and not let yourself or clients become attached. While many friendships blossom from this relationship, becoming romantically involved is a fast way to become hurt. A lot of men who see prostitutes are married or involved with another person, and an escort is just an outlet for their sexual desires. As a call girl, it is necessary to recognize this and only allow sex to be the connection you share. Becoming romantically invested in a client who has a wife or girlfriend is territory you should not enter.

Offer Time for a Mental Health Day

Working as an escort in Malta is enjoyable, but it can also be challenging mentally and physically. Escorts spend the majority of their week entertaining men or women, sometimes into the wee hours of the night. It can be easy on days off to relax and not be tempted to book more sessions, especially when you see the money rolling in. Try booking a spa day or soaking in the bathtub at home on our day off. Or, get a facial, manicure or pedicure, go to yoga, journal, or even go for a jog. Setting time apart of your crazy work schedule to focus on yourself will only benefit your business in the long run. Clients will soon see how you take time to keep your mind clear and energy levels up.

Consider Working Independently

Working independently as a sex companion can bring in more money and a larger business. This is generally suggested to try once an escort has worked with an agency and gained a few years of experience.

Keep Your Money Safe

When a client pays you, which you should expect before you offer any services, put the money in a safe spot. It is advised to not show the client where you are putting it, in case they are shady and attempt to take it later when you are not looking. Try a small coin purse or in a sock that you put in your purse. Hiding it in a spot only you will remember where is important in keeping your money safe.

Regularly Get Tested

No matter how much protection you use, getting tested regularly is so important for your health and your clients’ health. It can be slightly awkward or hard to get used to as a new call girl, but regular testing is actually encouraged for all sexually active individuals to have done.

Avoid Too Good to Be True Offers

As a new call girl, there may be tempting business offers or deals that you may come across. Often times, these are just scams by individuals who see inexperienced escorts and want to take advantage of them. The moral of the story is to be smart, keep your money safe, and do not take deals you are unsure of. Be smart and question everything. Being an escort in Malta can be a lucrative career if done correctly. As with starting any business, it is necessary to start off on the right path and done so smartly. It is easy to become caught up in the excitement of earning good money for offering sex services. Escorts who build a successful business and earn top income do so because of the way they started their business. If you are looking to begin your adventure as an escort, take this advice to heart and ensure you are covering all your bases before you begin. There is potential to earn amazing money doing something you enjoy.