A guide to booking escorts in Malta
A guide to booking escorts in Malta

SEXOMALTA© takes away the hassle of finding local girls who offer professional escort services in Malta. We are very excited that you have found our website, and we know you will be impressed with all the girls featured. We know that not everyone is familiar with using a sex directory, so that is why we have put together a guide to using our portal.

Disclaimer About Our Directory

There are many profiles to browse and so many sexy girls to get to know. While we like to assume that our escorts have good intentions, there is no way to guarantee this. Therefore, we urge all clients to take precautions before and when meeting up with prostitues. Always put your safety first and if you do come across something you need assistance with, our service line is open into the late-night hours – we would be happy to help you out. 


The filtered search engine is one of the best features of the website. Simple filter what you are looking for in an escort, such as body type, hair color, ethnicity, and even age.  While we encourage all our clients to branch out and meet companions you normally would not, the filtered search engine is there to make your browsing experience easier.


All of our Maltese escorts have different prices. Some will charge a lot for an hour of their time, while others will charge a little bit. It is recommended that you carefully look around to find a girl that is within your price range. Don’t worry – they are all gorgeous and fun to be with. If you are wondering about overnight stays or weekend getaways, our service line receptionists can help answer any questions you have. It is better to ask before you plan anything, as to avoid disappointment or confusion on your part. Additionally, carefully consider all the pricing of services and extras each girl offers. Never negotiate pricing – their price should be respected. This is why we advise clients to take their time picking a call girl. What’s the rush? You want to make sure you have found a compatible escort that you can have fun with. These girls have chosen stunning photos that are real, so what you see is what you get. That is something we ensured our girls had: authentic photos that clients can trust. If you are going to pay money to meet a call girl in Malta, you want to make sure you are getting the girl in the picture. While we are not in control of what our lovely escorts post, they are encouraged to post real photos of themselves.

Featured Girls

Be sure to check out these featured girls before moving on to the rest. These escorts are typically new girls who are just getting started in this business, or hookers who have truly earned their highlighted moment. Remember, just because a call girl is new it does not mean she is not skilled or hard-working.These girls are eager and ready to please gentlemen like yourself. All we suggest is you have patience with them. If you want to be the first one to know about new escorts, then sign up with an email address  to get emails about new companions. Newcomers usually book fast (who wouldn’t want to be one of these sexy first times?), so once you get the email be sure to head on over to our porta; quickly.

Quick Escorts

Just like the name suggests, our directory offers quick services in 30 minutes. If you are looking for some action but don’t have all day or night dedicated to getting to know a girl, then this service is perfect for you. It costs less and you still get to have a quick fling with a gorgeous escort.

Curvy Escorts

If you are desiring a girl with thick curves, then you must check out our page featuring hourglass shaped girls. These escorts are too hot to handle. Browse companions who have a tiny waist and thick thighs, or that are curved like a gorgeous hourglass. Is roleplay a turn on for you? Luckily, we have lots of women who love to engage in roleplaying. Whether you like to do it in the comfort of a bedroom or out at a restaurant, you will have fun roleplaying with our beautiful women. A lot of the Malta prostitutes come prepared with sex toys and costumes – if that’s what you’re in to. We have an array of mature prostitutes who are excited to get to know you. These women know the business well, but are still vibrant and young at heart. These women are eager to get to know you and prove to you that they are just as sexy and outgoing as the young ladies.

Girlfriend Experience

Do you want a girl to act as your girlfriend? Maybe you are missing out on cuddle sessions or someone to kick-back and relax with? Our filter allows you to search many escorts who offer girlfriend experience services. These hunnies are sensitive, understanding, and ready to unwind with you. Sometimes getting a little freaky is needed. We have many call girls who love offering domination services, from mild to extreme. So whether you enjoy have your hands tied or want the full body experience, there is an escort willing to engage in this with you.

Different Hair Color

Blonde, brunette, black, and red headed girls are to be found here. You can specifically filter our profiles to match whichever hair color you are most attracted to. We encourage our clients to branch out from their normal and hook-up with a girl who has a different hair color than what they usually choose.

Wild Escorts

If you are looking for a party girl, we have lots of those for you to consider. Most Malta escorts are open-minded and willing to accompany you to whatever nightlife you enjoy participating in, such as bars, clubs, parties, and restaurants. Be sure to confirm with your escort that this is where you want to go, so she is aware beforehand. Most girls will be find with this, but it is respectful to let her know. A wild night on the town usually means a cozy late night in – perfect time to really get to know your companion.

Meeting the Right Escort

All prostitutes offer a variety of services at different rates. It is advised to never choose a girl that doesn’t offer the services you are desiring. This is to avoid any disappointment or frustration once you have met them. Please look for escorts that offer your services, and this may take some time. These women have a special quality about them that set them apart from others. They are eager to meet new gentlemen and excited to see familiar faces. Always greet them with a friendly face and ensure you are giving them loads of attention during your time together.

Browsing by Area

No matter where you are, there is a hooker in your area. In Sliema, for example, there are so many stunning escorts that are wanting to meet you. Our website allows you to filter your search for your area, so you can meet local women. This makes it convenient for those who have trouble travelling or do not have transportation. Here you will be given the option to search by budget. We wanted to include this in our filtered search options to meet all our customers’ needs. We understand that hiring an escort is a luxury, but everyone should be given the chance to afford one. Therefore, you can search local call girls based on how much you are willing to spend. For example, you can filter escorts that cost between 100 € or even high-end that charge 300-500€. By offering this filter to customers, we are eliminating the chance of disappointment if someone becomes interested in sex services that are out of their price range. There are so many beautiful girls that can meet every budget, so always be open and patient with your search.

Booking an Escort

Booking an escort does not have to be a challenging task. All you have to do is send your her message and wait for her to respond. The girls all respond at varying rates, some quicker than others. You will typically find that newer companions reply quicker because of they are just beginning to build their client base. If you do not have preferences of experience, we suggest getting to know a new escort – they are keen to get to know you and build a clientele. We advise that you book as far in advance as possible, to avoid disappointment is escorts being fully booked. Our goal with is to make your life easier – we want you to meet the perfect companion now and not waste any time.

Pair Escorts

If you want to have an enjoyable time with two prostitutes, then this is a service you will want to search for. The escorts are very comfortable with one another and complement each other well. How much fun would it be to get to spend the day or night with two stunning Maltese escort girls? And, what makes this service even better is some girls are comfortable with bi or same-sex intercourse. So, if you have a partner that would like to come with, these ladies are ok with that.

Read Customer Reviews

One of the most helpful features of our website are the customer reviews. We highly recommend customers read the reviews of escorts before agreeing to meet with them. Reviews are something we consider very seriously, and want them to provide as a helpful window into the services and personality. If you are unhappy with a review you are reading, simply move on to the next profile. There are so many girls to pick from that you do not have to stay focused on just one! We encourage every single one of our customers to leave truthful and detailed reviews for others, so that a true picture is painted of the escort. Honest reviews will help you and others make the perfect choice.

Where to Meet

Most escorts will have a designated place to meet you, such as their home, favorite restaurant, or a hotel. It is advised that you never suggest a place to meet unless they ask you; escorts are usually most comfortable with their suggested place of meeting. Some great places to suggest,  are bars, restaurants, hotels, and even an intimate lounge.

Searching a Girl by Name

So, let’s say you have met a beautiful, fun, loving girl that you can’t wait to meet again. You might be wondering: can I search her by name? Yes, you can. All you have to do is filter the search to look for profiles according to a specific name, and type her full name in. There may be similar names that pop up, so carefully look over the profiles to ensure you are selecting the right escort. This is one feature we are pleased to have that makes our customers lives that much easier.

An Important Note to Consider 

If you are unable to meet up with your escort, it is important to be aware of their cancellation policy. Most hookers will take this very seriously, as this is their time and their business. Always be courteous and let them know as soon as possible, if you are unable to meet. The last thing you want to do is establish a poor relationship with your companion and come off as not punctual. You wouldn’t want your companion to cancel on your last minute, so be considerate of their time.  We have designed our website in a way to convenience the lives of our customers. While these are just some helpful guidelines to introduce you to using our portal, we feel that the best way to get familiar with it is to use it regularly! Spend some time learning the different features and ways you want to search for your perfect escort in Malta. You no longer have to struggle meeting prostitues in person or on an unreliable website. We have created a comprehensive place to meet a diverse group of woemn who are undeniable gorgeous.